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Our Clients

Orange Coast Analytical does a variety of work for clients in both the private sector and the government. Here are a few examples of our clients and the type of work that Orange Coast Analytical has done for them.

Analytical services were performed on both water and soil samples for a variety of tests at a remediation site. Analyses included Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), Volatile Fuel Hydrocarbons (VFH), Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) and TTLC Cam Metals.
Assisted consulting firms and provided analytical services for both water and soil samples at various school sites. Samples were analyzed for VOC, VFH/BTEX, SVOC, Metals, and various inorganic tests.
Performed Carbon Chain analysis to determine hydrocarbon identification at a bio-remediation site in Signal Hill. Using EPA 8015m for diesel, conducted carbon chain C7-C30.
Provided analytical services for various consulting firms for underground storage tank investigations. Analytical services included VFH/BTEX, Total Recoverable Hydrocarbons, Extractable Fuel Hydrocarbons, VOC, total and organic lead.
Provided analysis of groundwater monitoring wells and soil samples for VOC, SVOC (Semi Volatile Organic Compounds), metals and TPH.
Confidential Client
Performed analytical services on stack samples and impinger solutions for determination of metals emissions in exhaust gases from a stationary source combustion process.
Naval Shipyard Provided analytical support on a wide range of parameters until site closure. Analytical services included SVOC, VOC, PCB’s, Cam Metals and General Minerals for soil, water, and air samples.
Provided analytical support and site assessment for proposed extension of an existing highway. Analytical services included SVOC, VOC, TTLC/STLC Metals, and unknown substance identification.
Army Corps of Engineers
Provided analytical support for an existing wastewater treatment facility at Ft. Irwin, CA. Analytical scope covered a wide range of tests including BOD, COD, full anion/cation scan, various metals, VOC, and SVOC.
Confidential Client
Provided analytical services on a continual basis for air samples collected in Tedlar Bags. These samples were analyzed for fixed gases (N2, CH4, CO2, and O2) and VFH/BTEX.
Arizona Public Services (APS)
Provide ongoing analytical services for a variety of methodologies which include EPA 8310 (Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons). Also, performed mobile laboratory work on numerous occasions for various job-site locations.
Provide a wide scope of analytical procedures for various locations designated for future development. Tests include: VOC’s, SVOC’s, TTLC Metals, and Total Extractable Hydrocarbons with CCID.
Both fixed and mobile laboratory services for underground storage tank investigations.